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A̱m’lala sa Ḵ̓umux̱se’​ was created in July 2018 for Indigenous Education (School District 71) to be sung by all students to celebrate Kwakwaka’wakw culture and language. A̱m’lala sa Ḵ̓umux̱se’​ translates as 'Play Song of the K’omoux' and speaks to the great land “ila a hii” and the powerful ocean and rivers “skoo kum chuck” that are here within the lands of the K’omoux. The song was released into our School District in a ceremony held during a Professional Development Day on February 15, 2019.
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Did you know we have indigenous presenters, from our community, who want to share their cultural knowledge and skills with students in the Comox Valley? We are also looking for more presenters who would like to share their knowledge. Contact the SD71 Indigenous District Staff​ if you are or know of anyone who might be interested.
U'mista Display​​​​​​
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We are very fortunate to have been lent the sacred, Project of Heart Canoe. It is on loan to us from Surrey school district. Curriculum Support Teachers and Aboriginal Resource Teachers of SD 71 met during the first week of January, 2018 to create a series of lessons in preparation for students and teachers visiting this display. We wanted to get students noticing, thinking and wondering using images and picture books. Many students were able to tap into their background knowledge and make connections to their understanding of residential schools. These lessons have been well received. Even if you don't have access to this exhibit, we hope these lessons are helpful as you lead students toward truth and reconciliation.

Beyond 94


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"The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was formed as a means of reckoning with the devastating legacy of forced assimilation and abuse left by the residential school system. From 2008 to 2014, the commission heard stories from thousands of residential school survivors. In June 2015, it released a report based on those hearings. From that came 94 Calls to Action – individual instructions to guide governments, communities and faith groups down the road to reconciliation. CBC’s Beyond 94 monitors the progress of that journey.​"


CBC Canada:
CANADA IS ...Namwayut: we are all one. Truth and reconciliation in Canada​
Chief Robert Joseph shares his experience as a residential school survivor and the importance of truth and reconciliation in Canada.
CBC news  has compiled these stories: "From across this land, the people you are about to meet see a brighter future for all Canadians. Their personal journeys and stories are different, but are all connected by heritage and pride." Click here​ for more video and journal stories of Canadian Indigenous people. 

Reconciliation: A Journey for All Canadians​​​

​What does reconciliation​ mean to you? What does reconciliation look like in the classroom? How will you make reconciliation part of your day to day life? How can we move forward in a positive way to build a new relationship, between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, and hold each other up?​