U'mista Display

​We were very fortunate to have been loaned the sacred, Project of Heart Canoe and Speaking to Memory Exhibits for the year of 2018 and until Spring Break of 2019.  We received the displays from Langley school district. Curriculum Support Teachers and Aboriginal Resource Teachers of SD 71 met during the first week of January, 2018 to create a series of lessons in preparation for students and teachers visiting this display. We wanted to get students noticing, thinking and wondering using images and picture books. Many students were able to tap into their background knowledge and make connections to their understanding of residential schools. These lessons have been well received and the displays visited almost every school in SD#71. Even if you don't have access to this exhibit, we hope these lessons are helpful as you lead students toward truth and reconciliation.
Supporting Materials for Lessons

​Most supporting materials, books and images, are at the school with the display.  We now have an extra kit that we will bring to the school that is receiving the display next so that they can get started on the lesson. 

Parent Letter 

Co-constructing ideas for a difficult conversation  

You Hold me Up by Monique Gray Smith
My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith

Shi Shi Etko by Nicola Campbell

​The Rabbits by John Marsden and Shaun Tan

Post Exhibit

Create Your Own Tile

Brooklyn students write messages of support to survivors of residential schools

Brooklyn student hosted the Umista exhibit, a blend of two exhibits, to help students understand residential schools and their impact on students years ago.

Puntledge Park Elementary 

Barb De Geode's Grade 5 class turned their tiles into necklaces.

Directions to make a tile necklace:

​After learning about a difficult topic, it is a good idea to release the negative thoughts and think about what you can do for the future. Your whole school is now in possession of the truth and moving forward together is our goal. 

One school had a school assembly and showed a power point of students visiting the display with some music.  Another school listening to a drumming celebrations song.  Email us for some ideas. 

​Want to take Action?

Check out our suggestions for further action on this Reconciliation link we created