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A̱m’lala sa Ḵ̓umux̱se’​

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Song History

A̱m’lala sa Ḵ̓umux̱se’ was created in July 2018 for Indigenous Education (School District 71) to be sung by all students to celebrate Kwakwaka’wakw culture and language. A̱m’lala sa Ḵ̓umux̱se’ translates as 'Play Song of the K’omoux' and speaks to the great land “ila a hii” and the powerful ocean and rivers “skoo kum chuck” that are here within the lands of the K’omoux. The song was released into our School District in a ceremony held during a Professional Development Day on February 15, 2019.

Use of Song Protocols

• Acknowledge the creator of the song (William Wasden Jr) from Alert Bay, British Columbia.
• Share the history of the song (see above description).
• The song must be respectfully used in the style / format it was released (no changes).
William Wasden Jr. Bio

​William Hiłamas Edward Wasden Jr. Waxawidi “Canoes Come to His Shore” was born at ʼYalis (Alert Bay) British Columbia on October 14, 1967. William is a member of the ‘Namgis Nation “Nimpkish Valley Tribe”. William carries many names and dances that have been bestowed on him by various sides of his families. William is also a descendant of the Cook, Wanukw, Hunt, Alfred, Harris and Innis families. He can also trace his ancestry to the Tłingit of Alaska and the Mowachaht of the West Coast.

William has taught most of his adult life in the majority of schools in the unceded Kwakwaka’wakw territories. He also ventures to share his knowledge of song composition with other nations along the coast.

William continues to teach all that he knows to the next generation of Kwakwaka’wakw. For many years, William has worked at the U’mista Cultural Center at Alert Bay BC as a researcher and cultural advisor. Recently, he has been rehired to return and continue work in language and history documentation for the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation.

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Victoria School District 61 shares their experience of creating connectedness to local First Nations culture by honouring place-based protocols to bring traditional drumming into schools.

Song Lyrics


2019-02-13 15_23_43-A̱mlala-sa-Ḵ̓umux̱se ProD Feb 2019.docx - Word.png






















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SD#71  Ceremony 

​​2019-02-13 14_16_18-SD71 Professional Development Day Invitation - COMMUNITY.pdf - Adobe Reader.png ​​2019-02-13 14_17_00-SD71 Professional Development Day Invitation - COMMUNITY.pdf - Adobe Reader.png

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Activity Example
Shannon Tran, Grade 6/7 teacher at Aspen sent the following two activities out to her students.  They emailed responses to the ISW, Ms. Billie, our ISW! Thank you Shannon