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Aboriginal Astronomy Lesson Plan

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Skytellers DVD

SkyTellers DVD
The Skyteller's DVD and resource can be found in our LRC in the kit Aboriginal Moons
The following lessons are prepared for a grade three classroom but may be modified to suit other grade levels.

Aboriginal Astronomy Lesson Plans:

Learning Intentions:
  • I can understand what celestial objects meant to Aboriginal People.
  • I can understand how Aboriginal people used stories to understand the solar system.
  • I can understand how the moons are connected to the seasons and months. (Seasons lesson extension).
  • I can compare and contrast stories.​

The following lessons focus on different Celestial Objects, and their connections to Astronomy. Topics include Day and Night, Sun, Moon, Constellations.

Please note that these Lesson Plans require use of the kit: "Aboriginal Astronomy Kit" from the LRC.
Constellations Lesson Plan:
Creation (How the earth was formed) Lesson Plan:
Moon Lesson Plan:
Sun Lesson Plan:
Seasons (in a single lesson) Lesson Plan: