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Importance of Animals

Lesson 1


Learning Intention:

I can describe how animals are important in the lives of Aboriginal people.

I can reflectively about what I learned and show w hat I know.

Teaching Plan


Animals Lesson 1 Blackline Masters

Blackline Masters


"What I Know' Journal and Traffic Lights 

Lesson 2


Learning Intentions:


  • I can describe how Aboriginal people used all parts of the animal.
  • I can write reflectively about what I learned to show what I know.

Teaching Plan 2

Alternate Lesson #1: Using all parts of the animal.

Fur Kits


There are kits in our LRC that have fur samples in them.  For SD71 staff, search Fur Trade Kit in Destiny. 


In the following powerpoint you will find some of the animals that people gathered furs from

Animals of the Northwest Coast and what they symbolize for First nations people.​​
Power Point by Shannon Campbell.​
Eagle Visualization
from book Keepers of the Animals, pg. 56