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What are My Gifts? (k-7)

Improve Oral Language and Communication Skills

Putting the Talking Stick into practice: Characteristics and Connections to Animals​ - What are my Gifts?

Learning Intentions:

· I can think about my gifts​​

· I can practice using the talking stick

· I can identify with animal characteristics.


For more information and ideas on how to introduce the Talking Stick - click here​

Indigenous inspired animal colouring pages

Nu-chuh-nuulth Ocean Animals:

Examples of great colouring books to match the animals in these lessons:

Another excellent book series for making the connection between animals and identity and science:

​Identity Inquiry Teacher Guides

(Indigenous and District Curriculum Support Teacher Collobaration: Doug David, Carol Walters, Debbie Nelson, Gail Martindale)

 What Makes You, You?​  Primary and Intermediate Inquiry Teacher Guides, Identity Inquiry Lessons for grade 7+,  art ideas and more....

Stories the Totems tell