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Respectful Harvesting Practices​​​:  

click on this link if you are thinking of collecting plants and/or wondering about Aboriginal protocol arounds harvesting.



Salad Pot Project

Salad Pot Booklet

Indigneous Plant Healing from Island Health Magazine:


Local K'omoks First Nation member, Barb Whyte, and June Johnson from Cape Mudge talking about medicinal uses of local plants and the holistic nature of this knowledge.  Note the connection to the First Peoples Priniciples  of learning.

Outdoor Plant Scavenger Hunt

Made by Cheryl Graham, Indigenous Support Worker, Brooklyn

TVO Raven's Quest - Chyyah

Chyyah is an 8-year-old girl from the NuChaNulth Nation, in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Chyyah loves arts and crafts; she shows us some of the beautiful projects she's made. She participates in a school assembly where all the kids learn about their culture and honour the salmon, an important food for her community.​​

Plant lessons and Reference Materials:


  • ​Brooklyn Forest Walk Notes with Suzanne Camp:
  • NE Woods: Friends of the Lazo Marsh: 

Reference Materials

Two excellent local plant reference materials with lots of Aboriginal knowledge included:​

Plants cards can be ordered from this website.​

Tea Time Lessons

Tea Info Sheets and Recipes 

Fir Tip Tea

​Sala Leaf Tea

Lemon Balm and Wild Mint