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North Island Hospital Art Project

CVAG's Creative Team: Concept / Design / Production
EXHIBITION October 13 2017 - January 5 2018
The CVAG creative team took on the project of conceptualizing, designing and producing artwork for the new North Island Hospital in the Comox Valley. CVAG’s Community Space features a design project for art at the new North Island Hospital in Courtenay. We worked closely with the North Island Hospital Art Project, K’ómoks First Nation, Elder Barb Whyte, other local artists, plus students, parents, and educators from Queneesh Elementary School.
Some of this work is already installed at the new hospital, and the rest is in process. Come and see it all at the CVAG Community Space until January 5th, 2019.

Gathering Place Wall:​

The artwork created for the Welcome Wall honours the traditional territory, medicine plants and cultural healing practices of the K’omoks First Nation people, both Salish and Kwakwaka’wakw. The work invites contemplation and rooting to the land in which we live and recieve health care.
"I give thanks to the Creator, Creator of our planets and our stars. I honor Mother Earth for all that she gives us, the oceans, rivers, mountains, and plains. I give thanks to the trees and the plants for supporting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of our elders, mothers and fathers, and our children that walk upon her with respect for ourselves and respect for Mother Earth and all of my relations."​
– Barb Whyte

Central Registration:

Three large panels offer a reflection of the local landscape and cultural history that is embedded within it. The imagery offers a welcoming invitation through scenes that embrace the forest and sea comprising the Comox Valley.
The series of photographs communicates a sense of comfort and safety for individuals visiting the hospital.
"With arms outstretched and our songs clinging to the wind, the K’ómoks First Nation welcomes visitors into our unceded traditional territory. Since time immemorial, the ancestors of the K’ómoks people have been the caretakers of this land — living off the wealth and abundance that this region has to offer. From the cool rivers teeming with salmon to the mountains and forests that surround us, the environment has always looked after our people. We welcome you to share in the abundance that this region has to offer…with the expectation that you give back back as much as you take."
– Andy Everson (K’ómoks/Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations)