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"Offerings / Offrandes is grounded in collaborative authorship. It pays homage
to relational aesthetics. It welcomes the presentation and interpretation of
practices rooted in different cultures. The installation is land-based. It
establishes a connection to specific artists and their communities — both
Indigenous and non-Indigenous — that inhabit this land.
In many Aboriginal cultures, offerings are gestures filled with spiritual,
social and political meaning. We offer a feast to the members of the
community or to visitors. We offer stories. We offer songs to the plants
that we harvest and to animals that feed us. We offer tobacco to elders,
to spirits. Offerings were at the heart of the exchanges that took place
during contact with Europeans. We offered refuge. We offered knowledge
of the territory. We offered medicine to cure the newcomers. We offered
to share the land.
Offerings are also present in many different cultures. They are based in
the spirit of giving without a time frame or self-interest. They can take
the form of rituals, of ceremonies or of communal exchanges. They are
sometimes private gestures.
With Offerings / Offrandes it is my intention to create a gathering space
and engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences to consider
what has been offered in the past and what can now be offered, both
individually and collectively."
– France Trépanier