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The Six Cedar Trees

Six Cedar Tree Slideshow
Click below for locally created Powerpoint on the Six Cedar Trees:
  • ​Kwak'wala and Sliammon language included
  • anchored in indigenous knowing
  • connection to core competencies ​​​​​​
What lessons can we learn from our Pacific Northwest Coast animals? This is the question Eagle explores as he settles in a tall grove of cedar trees nestled in the corner of a school playground. The Six Cedar Trees allows readers to understand the characteristics and habits of six Pacific Northwest Coast animals and how these animals can help them develop a deeper understanding of themselves.
Beautifully illustrated animals by Coast Salish artist/author Celestine Aleck.
Cultural edits for the animal characteristics by Celestine Aleck and Terri Mack.

Connecting the Six Coast Salish Animals to BC’s Core Competencies

A teacher form Delta has created this website to share her personal Inquiry into the Six Cedar Trees book. Check out  her website by clicking here​Six Cedar Trees or on the title above.

The Six Cedar Trees, grew out of a personal inquiry into British Columbia’s Core Competencies and a school inquiry into the The First Peoples Principles of Learning. Each animal has been chosen carefully as an “anchor” to teach children holistically, ways of being a reflective, compassionate and well-adjusted person connected through a sense of social responsibility and compassion for place and people. 

The teacher librarian at her school created the following document:


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BC Core Compency Posters: