Who is Indigenous?

Locally developed lesson and supporting materials:
CBC news  has compiled these stories: "From across this land, the people you are about to meet see a brighter future for all Canadians. Their personal journeys and stories are different, but are all connected by heritage and pride." Click here​ for more video and journal stories of Canadian Indigenous people. 
CBC Kids News
Indigenous people are the first people to live in a place. In Canada, our Indigenous people belong to a number of different communities or nations. CBC Kids News’s Sid and Ruby explain:

Bead Timeline​

Bead timeline story telling created and shared by Suzanne Camp, Courtenay BC​.  This Bead Timeline can be used as a visual representation in many ways,  for example, to explain how long Aboriginal people have lived here, oral storytelling traditions, telling the story of cedar, conservation and environmental impact, community development plus much more.



Land of Our Ancestors - Aboriginal Tourism BC

"The ideas of environmental stewardship and sustainable resource management are certainly not new or radical concepts for British Columbia’s Aboriginal peoples. Long before Europeans even dreamed of traveling to North America, B.C.’s First Nations already had a deep spiritual connection to the land – considering themselves a part of it – as well as traditions, legends and stories reaffirming their respect for nature.​"