Salish Weave Collection

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About the School Program
Salish Weave views the prints of Box Sets I, II and III as its 'working collection’ in education: prints being brought to classrooms and used as teaching resources in all subjects to educate children of all grade levels. The Salish Weave school program entails:
  • donating the prints to school districts located in traditional Coast Salish territory,
  • developing sample lessons plans, teaching aids and resources to integrate Salish art into the curriculum,
  • supporting educators who wish to bring these resources to the classrooms to broaden and cultivate the understanding of Coast Salish art and culture among K-12 learners.
You can view the box sets on the following links from
Special note for SD71 Our box sets do not match the box sets listed above and we only have 6 prints in each kit.  See the lists on Destiny. If you search for Salish Weave Collection in Destiny you will find the 3 box sets.  Don't forget to check LRC collection box to find the item.
Visual Literacy

​​The lessons developed by teachers, Alison Donnelly, Becky Greenhow, and Rebecca Scheer, from Cowichan Valey Schools are based upon Visual Literacy. Watch the video below to learn about visual thinking strategies to honour​  students ability to notice think, wonder and interpret the art pieces themselves.  For more videos below to learn about the benefits of Visual Thinking Strategies and see them in practice click here​.


For full lesson on visual thinking strategies see this link​:



“What do you see?

Why do you say that?

What else do you see?”

Coast Salish Design Elements by Qwalsius - Shaun Peterson​

"A brief overview of two dimensional shapes used in Coast Salish design of Natives of the Pacific Northwest Coast Art tradition. This also explains briefly how this art form is not a formline tradition but a tradition unto it's own serving the needs of it's people, its community." - Qwalsius - Shaun Peterson.

Artist Biography Qwalsius - Shaun Peterson

Short biography piece on Northwest Coast Native American artist Qwalsius - Shaun Peterson shot over the period of Summer 2012 through Early 2013 with still images of portfolio. The artist discusses the career overview and philosophy.​​
Salish artist Dylan Thomas takes on the role for two years