K'omoks First Nation

K'omoks First Nation

Official website of the K'omoks First Nation.

"​For thousands of years indigenous people occupied the shoreline of eastern Vancouver Island in a place referred to as, "the land of plenty". This Land of Plenty stretched from what is known today as Kelsey Bay south to Hornby and Denman Island and included the watershed and estuary of the Puntledge River." (words from their website in About us)​

Hornby Island Pole Raising 2018

Where we Live, an inquiry into the Aboriginal History of Denman Island..

Denman Island Community School production about Aboriginal, Indigenous peoples who lived for thousands of years on this land we now occupy. Most of us, including myself, have little or no regard, respect, or acknowledgment for the bones, stories, memories, and energies we now live upon/among. Hopefully, we can begin to change this. By Run Dhobi

Big Houses​

Find Information on the different kind of Big Houses found on the West Coast, lessons that deal specifically with the Grade 4 Big House Experience, videos about the the K'omoks Big House.

Big House  - Grade 4 Experience​​

Find 2 lessons and supporting that are delivered to every grade 4 student in the district to help them prepare for their visit to the Big House on the K'omoks First Nation.  The lessons are a good for anyone who wants to know more about the K'omoks First Nation community and the Big House traditions of the Kwakwaka'wakw people. 

Cedar - The Tree of Life​

"From the mighty cedar of the rainforest came a wealth of raw materials vital to the early Northwest Coast Indian way of life, its art and culture. For thousands of years these people developed the tools and technologies to fell the giant cedars that grew in profusion." Hilary Stewart, Cedar​

Kumugwe Dancers at Goose Spit in Comox, BC
"Today we're dancing and singing on the unceded traditional territory of the Pentlatch, Ei'ksan, Sahtloot and Sasitla peoples at Goose Spit in Comox, British Columbia. Queneesh overlooks the valley as the mountains feed the rivers and estuary behind our dance. G̱ilakas'la."