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Solomon's Tree

Solomon's Tree - a connection lesson using Adrienne Gear's Power of Reading

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Seasonal Activity Lesson

Th​​​e lesson focuses on making connections between what we do in the seasons and what different groups of First Nations people did during the seasons. 

Grade​: 2-3

Learning In​​tentio​​ns:​

  • To  understand w​​​​ha​​​​​t a​​​ctivities aborig​​inal pe​​​​​ople do in each of the seasons and why.
  • To read a book ​and ma​​ke connections to what we do during the various seasons
  • To take a walk through the for​​est to see signs of Fall​​​

Lesson P​​lan:

​Blackline Mas​​ters
Other Resources
BLM's of Signs of...Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall: 
Using all your senses record certain plants and places that you visit in the various seasons.
A Season's Unit Outline - rough notes
Look here for an example of how you can use some of the above resources in a unit.  Originally meant for grade 1 but can be used at any level.