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Shi Shi Etko by Nicola Campbell

​​Lesson plan from the BCTF ABoriginal Education Program created e -resource booklet, Gladys We Never Knew, The life of a child in a BC Indian Residential School.

Activity 1.1  Remembering  the Land -  Click on the following link for all the lessons and BLM's from the Indian Reconciliation Schools & Reconciliation Teacher Resource Guide Grade 5 or on the following link for the the lesson specifically about Shi Shi Etko, Part One Learning and the Relationship with the Land 

Starleigh in the video below reminds us that, "Before contact, before residential schools, we as inidgenous peoples had our own rich bodies of knowledge, we had our own understandings of the relationship between someone who had knowledge and those who received knowledge.  We had our sysmtems of passing knowledge on....celebrates and honour our strengths and that something of incredible value existed before residential school you can never fully understand what was taken from survivors during residential schools."  (from video below about minute 3:45)